Quick Search

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Quick Search is a real-time search to find a message in the message list. As you type, the first message matching your string is selected in the list; type on for further refinement.

If the next letter you type has no match in the list it is automatically removed from the search string. The selection prevales.


1. Go to View->Toolbars->Quick Search
2. Type your search string into the Search field
3. Press <Ctrl>+<Enter> to find the next message with the same search string
4. <Shift>+<Ctrl>+<Enter> takes you back to the previous result
5. Press <Enter> to invoke a Quick Filter using the Quick Search string. Only messages matching the Quick Search are now shown.
6. Press <Ctrl+=> or <Esc> to remove the Quick Filter.


Note: To get to the Quick Search toolbar you can also right-click on the the toolbar dock and choose it from the pop-up menu.

Note: Quick Search also works when its toolbar is not visible.

Beware: Quick Search works on a selected folder/account only!