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The Mail Ticker™ is, without doubt, one of the most powerful features of The Bat!. It adds a visual indicator to your desktop similar to those stock exchange banners you may know from certain TV news channels. It shows unread messages, as defined by a set of simple options you can choose from.


MailTicker settings



1. Go to Options->Preferences->Messages->Mail Ticker
2. Choose how The Bat! shall show the Mail Ticker
· Always shows it even if no unread messages are available
· Hide never shows it
· Automatically only shows the Mail Ticker if unread messages are available
3. Choose how the Mail Ticker behaves when you double-click it
· Focus on Message will open the message clicked in its own folder
· Open new message viewer will open the (virtual) Mail Ticker folder with only the unread messages
4. Choose font, colour and opacity
5. Auto-zoom expands the Mail Ticker to the border you drag it to (width for up and down, height for left and right)
6. Check Display MailTicker in Thin View to show only From and Subject line
7. Check Always on top to see the Mail Ticker when working in other programs
8. Choose a scrolling speed
9. Define the priority of messages to be shown
10. Test the settings by clicking Apply Changes


You can further refine which messages the Mail Ticker shows by selecting Folders to watch and apply an expiration limit for a message to be shown.


1. Click Folders ...
2. Select folders
3. Click OK
4. Click Age Limits ...
5. Check Maximum message age and set a time
6. Check Minimum message age and set a time


Tip: It may be a good idea to first select all folders in all accounts and then deselect those you don't want to watch, like Trash.


Note: You can reach these settings by right-clicking the Mail Ticker and choosing Properties from the pop-up menu.

Note: Resize the ticker by dragging the left or right edge and move the ticker by clicking and dragging.




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