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SmartBat is a small editor giving you a smart way to hold notes and extend your system's clipboard. It maintains multiple pads - each SmartBat Pad is a simple text file.



1. Go to Tools->SmartBat
2. To create/open a new pad right-click (context menu), choose New Pad and enter a file name
3. Use Quick Search to find characters and words in real-time
4. To exit SmartBat click Close


Note: You can reach SmartBat from the Scheduler, too; it has its own tab.

Note: You find the main pad in the SMARTBAT.TXT file.



The context menu


Among several familiar command (like Copy or Paste) SmartBat's context menu contains some specifics:


Next Pad/Previous Pad

Switch between each of several open pads.


Close Pad

Close the current pad.


Save as ...

Save your notes to a text file.



Exit SmartBat.




Insert Time Tag Line

Insert a line with the current date and time to separate notes.


Insert current date

Insert the date at the position of the cursor.


Insert current time

Insert the time at the position of the cursor.



Calculates an arithmetic expression; the entire expression is replaced with the result.

Note: The cursor should be in the line containing the first number/symbol of the expression. No spaces between signs and numbers are allowed. You can use brackets to separate operations.


Format block

Align the text in the current line: Left, Right, Justify, Centre.


Auto format

Automatically formats text such as links, e-mail addresses, etc.


Auto wrap

Automatically wraps lines. Helps you to write well-formatted text without manual line breaks.


Justify on autowrap

Automatically justifies the text when carrying a word over to the next line with the auto wrap option on.


Copy to ...

Copy selected text to a text file (existing or new).


Paste from ...

Paste a text file into the current pad.


Paste formatted

Paste text from the clipboard in the same format as it was copied.