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With View Modes you define which columns The Bat! shows; you can also create filters.


1. Go to Options->Preferences->Messages->View Modes
2. Choose an existing View Mode to edit or delete
3. Click New or New from ... to create a new View Mode (the first creates a completely new mode while the second uses the highlighted one as a template)
4. Click Use by ... to select the folders that shall use a specific View Mode


Note: You can also right-click on a folder's column title bar to open the View Modes dialogue or define which View Mode the folder shall use.




Give your View Mode a descriptive name.


Expand all threads

For folders using threaded view this defines that all messages in a thread are shown. Very handy for spotting unread messages!



Allows columns to automatically resize to accommodate longer subject lines within threads.


Thread by

Define by which header fields your messages are threaded:

· None - no threading, all messages are shown individually.
· References - uses two header fields, In-Reply-To and References, which both contain unique Message ID's
· Subject - threads are made up of messages with the same subject line (minus the "Re:" for replies)
· Sender - threads by the name/address in the From header
· Recipient - threads by the name/address in the To header


Note: Thread by References is the default and most reliable method.




Select the columns you want to see in a specific folder. For example: In a folder showing only unread messages to your main e-mail address the column "To" may be superfluous.


Column width

Enter the size for a column in pixels.


Move up/down

Order your columns.


Sort by

Define on which header field your threads/messages get sorted:

· Subject - by subject line
· To - by recipient (if you have more than one e-mail address, i.e. in a company environment)
· Attachment - does the message contain an attachment or not
· Created - by date the message was written
· Size - by the overall message size


Descending order

Show threads/messages from oldest to newest, A-Z, smallest to largest, no attachment to attachment.


New thread sorting

Uses the combination of the fields References and Subject to thread your messages..



Create a filter to show only messages in threads conforming to specific properties.




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