Trial and Registration

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Trial period


The Bat! can be used without any constraints for up to 30 days. After this trial period you must buy and register The Bat!.

Once you have registered The Bat! you are eligible for technical support from RITLabs.

Features only available to registered users can also be used once The Bat! has been registered.


You can buy and register your copy on-line:

or contact us via e-mail.



Registering The Bat!


Registration keys are sent by e-mail, so be sure to use a valid e-mail address!

When you receive the registration key will be automatically read from the incoming message. A window pops up to inform you  that registration was successful.


In some cases you may have to manually insert the key; if:


† it is automatically marked as read by filters
† it is received by another e-mail program/Webmail interface


1. Open the message by double-clicking it in the Message list
2. Copy the registration key to the clipboard
3. Go to Help -> Enter Registration Code
4. Paste the key into the appropriate field



Save your code!


1. Park the registration mail
2. Go to Tools -> Backup and backup your installation
3. Print out the registration mail


Tip: Consider backing up your code in a data-safe program or as a text file, which you then save on a CD!



If you are with an organisation that owns a valid site license, you do not need to register. Contact your sytem administrator for further information.