File list settings dialog

To activate this dialog select "Settings…" command in Options menu and click on "File list" tab. The dialog contents are described below.

List type (List view or Details)

Selects either List view (multicolumn, only file icons are displayed) or Details view (single column, an additional size, date and type information is provided for each file). The default mode is Details view.

List style/Show grid lines

Show grid lines in the file list.

List style/Full row select

Use the full row cursor.

Files/Show archives first

Display archives in the file list before all other files regardless the current sort mode.

Files/Allow all uppercase names

By default WinRAR displays uppercase file names as lowercase. Switching this option on forces WinRAR to show all names in the original case.

Files/Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color

If enabled, WinRAR will display files with NTFS "Compressed" and "Encrypted" attributes using the same colors as Explorer. By default these are blue color for "Compressed" and green for "Encrypted" attribute.

Files/Merge volumes contents

If this option is enabled and you open the first volume, WinRAR also tries to read and display contents of all next volumes available in the same folder as the first volume. So instead of looking at files contained only in the first volume, you will see files contained in the first and all following volumes.

Files/Show seconds

Display seconds in file dates in the file list. Without this option WinRAR displays dates in file list with 1 minute precision.

Files/Set font…

Select font for the file list.


Here you may set different styles of mouse selection in the list. Set "Single click to open an item", if you wish Internet browsers style selection. In this mode you also may choose if you need to underline file names. The default WinRAR mode is "Double click to open an item"