Options menu

Command "Settings…" of this menu activates the dialog containing the following WinRAR settings: General, Compression, Paths, File list, Viewer, Security and Integration. Select any of these topics for details. Keyboard shortcut for "Settings…" command is Ctrl+S.

You can export WinRAR settings to file and import them later using two appropriate commands of "Import/Export" submenu. This file has "Settings.reg" name and by default it is placed in %APPDATA%\WinRAR folder, but you can select another folder in "Save WinRAR settings" or "Load WinRAR settings" dialogs. Restoring settings from the file can reduce time required to configure WinRAR if you re-installed Windows or need to move WinRAR to another computer. If WinRAR cannot find settings in Registry and Settings.reg file is present in WinRAR or %APPDATA%\WinRAR folders, it will be imported automatically.

"File list" submenu contains two groups of options. "Flat folders view" command (Ctrl+H keyboard hot key) switches between the classic tree style view and flat view, when all archived files and folders are displayed in the same list. It is applicable only in the archive management mode. Another options group is "List view" and "Details" items, which control the file list appearance. "List view" switches the list to multicolumn mode with only file names displayed, when "Details" enables more informative view providing file sizes and other information.

"Folder tree" submenu allows to turn on or off the folder tree panel. You can configure it separately for file management ("Show disk folders" menu item) and archive management ("Show archive folders" item) modes. Another way to change the state of folder panel is Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut. Folder tree is convenient if you need to navigate in disk or archive folders quickly. You may change the width of folder tree by dragging its right border with the mouse.

"Themes" submenu contains the list of available WinRAR interface themes, "Organize themes…" command providing theme management functions and "Get more themes…" command loading themes web page.

Another command of this menu is "View log…". It opens, in the internal viewer, the contents of rar.log, which exists in %APPDATA%\WinRAR folder. Note that you need to switch on "Log errors to file" in General settings dialog to force WinRAR to write errors to the log file. Use "Clear log" menu command to clear contents of the log file. Logging is available only in the registered version.