File menu

Command Shortcut Function
Open archive Ctrl+O Open the specified archive. You may also read about other methods to open an archive.
Save archive copy as...   Save a copy of archive opened in WinRAR shell to another folder.
Change drive Ctrl+D Change the current drive
Set default password Ctrl+P Set the default password. The password must be entered twice to ensure correctness. This password will be used in all archiving and extracting operations.
Copy files to clipboard Ctrl+C Copy selected archived or usual files to the clipboard. For example, you may select some files in archive, press Ctrl+C, open a folder in Explorer and press Ctrl+V to unpack selected files to that folder. You may press Ctrl+V in a text editor to paste only file names instead of file contents.
Paste files from clipboard Ctrl+V Pasting files to WinRAR initiates the archiving operation, so you may select files in Explorer and paste them to WinRAR to compress them.
Select all Ctrl+A Select all files and folders
Select group Gray + Select all files and folders corresponding to an entered mask
Deselect group Gray - Deselect all files and folders corresponding to an entered mask
Invert selection Gray * Invert the selection of all files and folders
Exit Alt+F4, Ctrl+W Exit from WinRAR

Depending on "Keep archives history" option in General settings dialog, a few names of recently opened archives can be present below "Exit" command. You may use them to quickly open these archives in WinRAR.