Selecting files

Before performing any operation you need to select, in the WinRAR files list, all files and folders which should be processed.

If you need to select only one file, just move the cursor to it and start an operation. There are several methods of file selection. As in other Windows applications you may press arrow keys or the left mouse button while holding Shift key to select a group of files. To select several separate items hold down the Ctrl key and then click each item you want. Press Ctrl+A or use the "Select all" command from File menu to select all the files and folders in the current folder.

All methods described above provide the standard non-persistent selection, which is canceled if you move the cursor. Though the standard methods are usually enough, sometimes it is more convenient to have persistent selection, allowing navigation in the current folder without removing the selection from previously marked files. WinRAR provides several keys for this :

Space, Ins Select a file under the cursor and move the cursor down. To deselect a file selected using Space or Ins, press Space or Ins on the name again or use "Gray -" command.
Gray * (on numpad) Invert the current selection
Gray + (on numpad) Select files according to an entered wildcard mask
Gray - (on numpad) Deselect files according to an entered wildcard mask

If no files are selected before starting extraction or testing, all archived files will be extracted or tested. This rule is valid only for test and extract operations.