Paths settings dialog

To activate this dialog select "Settingsā€¦" command in Options menu and click on "Paths" tab. The dialog contents are described below.

Folder for temporary files

WinRAR uses this folder to create temporary files. If this field is blank all temporary files and folders will be created in the current folder.

Folder for temporary files/Use only for removable disks

For hard disks generally it is faster to create a temporary archive in the current folder, but for floppies it is more efficient to create an archive on hard disk and then copy it to floppy. To implement such behavior you should specify Folder for temporary files and turn on Use only for removable disks option.

Use only for removable disks option affects only those commands which involve archive modification. Other commands would not benefit from it, so they ignore the current disk type.

Folder for temporary files/Browse

Press this button to select temporary folder from tree.

Start-up folder

You may enter here a folder, which will be opened each time when WinRAR is started. This option has meaning only if Restore last working folder on start-up option is switched off, otherwise last opened folder will be set.

Start-up folder/Restore last working folder on start-up

If this option is enabled, WinRAR will set last viewed folder, when executed without parameters.

Start-up folder/Browse

Press this button to browse for start-up folder.