SFX options: Advanced

This dialog is a part of the "Advanced SFX options" dialog and includes the following settings:

Files to delete in the destination folder

SFX will try to delete the specified file or files in the destination folder before extraction. You may enter more than one file here, in this case file names have to be delimited with spaces.

If a file specified here is locked and cannot be deleted, SFX module will try to rename it to temporary name before extraction and delete after Windows reboot. Success of this operation depends on Windows version.

Corresponding SFX script command - Delete


Allows to create shortcuts to archived files after unpacking. Press "Add shortcut" button to describe a new shortcut. Parameters of already entered shortcuts are stored in the list below in the same format as described in Shortcut script command. If you wish you may edit here manually.

Corresponding SFX script command - Shortcut

Request administrative access

Set this option if you wish to create SFX archive, which will request the administrative access when started in Windows Vista and later. This option does not change behavior of SFX archive in older Windows versions.

Corresponding command line switch is -iadm.