SFX options: Modes

This dialog is a part of the "Advanced SFX options" dialog and includes the following settings:

Temporary mode/Unpack to temporary folder

This option forces SFX to create a temporary folder, extract all files to it, start the program specified in Setup program/Run after extraction field and remove the temporary folder including all its contents after completing the Setup program. The SFX automatically sets the silent mode (described below) when performing these operations. If "Unpack to temporary folder" option is set, you should also specify Setup program and not use Path to extract field. You may also set two optional string parameters, which define a question and question title displayed before extraction. In such case extraction is started only if a user selects "Yes" button.

Corresponding SFX script command - TempMode

Silent mode

By default SFX asks for confirmation to start extraction and allows to user to change the destination folder. If you set "Silent mode" to "Hide start dialog" this confirmation will be skipped. Select "Hide all" if you also wish to hide the extraction progress.

Corresponding SFX script command - Silent