SFX options: Update

This dialog is a part of the "Advanced SFX options" dialog and includes the following settings:

Update mode/Extract and replace files

Extract all archived files regardless of file time.

Update mode/Extract and update files

Extract those files, which copies either not present in the target folder or older than extracting files.

Corresponding SFX script command - Update=U

Update mode/Freshen existing files only

Extract only those files, which exist in the target folder and older than the corresponding file in the archive. If a file not present on disk, it will be skipped.

Corresponding SFX script command - Update=F

Overwrite mode/Ask before overwrite (default)

Prompts before overwriting a file.

Overwrite mode/Overwrite all files

Files are overwritten without any prompt.

Corresponding SFX script command - Overwrite=1

Overwrite mode/Skip existing files

Do not overwrite files which are already exist.

Corresponding SFX script command - Overwrite=2