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Using CDs

When you insert an audio CD or a data CD that contains music files (also known as a media CD) into your CD drive, Windows Media Player can play the CD automatically, unless the Player is already in use or the Player is not the default player for CDs.

In addition to playing CDs, you can use the Player to rip and burn CDs.

After you rip the tracks from your audio CDs to your computer, you can easily play all the music that you have collected in your library without having to change the CD, as you would with a standard CD player.

You can use the Player to burn any combination of tracks from the playlists in your library to a CD in order to create an audio CD or a media CD. You can also use the Player to burn the files stored in your library to a data CD in order to back up the files. The CDs that you can burn are only limited by your imagination and the space available on the CD.

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