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Viewing information about a CD

You can view information about your CD in the Now Playing, Library, or Rip features. If you are connected to the Internet and play a CD, Windows Media Player gathers as much information about the CD as is available from databases hosted by your default online store, if one is available, including the name of the artist, composer, and track titles. If no online music stores are available in your area, the information is provided from a database hosted by If information about the CD is not available (for example, you have a rare CD), or your computer is not connected to the Internet, Windows Media Player displays the track number as the title. You must be connected to the Internet, and the Enhanced Playback and Device Experience option Display media information from the Internet must be turned on, so that the Player can automatically retrieve information about your CD.

When you are connected to the Internet and play a CD for which there is information, the Player stores a subset of the information so that it is available to you if you play the CD again while working offline.

If the correct artist or track titles are not displayed, you can correct the information manually in the Now Playing, Library, and Rip features, and you can update the information in a database hosted by

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