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Windows Media Player provides access to music, video, and radio services from Internet content providers through online stores. When you register with a content provider, you can purchase digital media content from the content provider and then stream, download, manage, play, and in some cases, synchronize the content to portable devices.

Online stores are displayed in the Onlines Stores area of the Features taskbar in the Player. If you register with multiple content providers, you can specify that online stores for a particular content provider be displayed. Some content providers may not have an online store available for all the types of online stores that can be displayed in the Player. For example, a content provider may provide a music store, but not a video store.

Music, video, and radio online stores from MSN Entertainment are the default online stores in Windows Media Player, unless you specify that online stores for another content provider be the default. You can use the Player to look for and register with other content providers of online stores and change the default online stores at any time.

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