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History options

Links to files and URLs are saved in a few places in the Player and on your computer. You can use the following option to prevent others from seeing which files you play and which Internet addresses (URLs) you visit.

Option Description
Save file and URL history in the Player Lists of your most recently played files are displayed on the File menu and in the Open and Open URL dialog boxes.

If this check box is selected, anyone who uses the Player with your user account can see the list of the content that you have played recently.

Clear History Click this button to remove stored information from the list on the File menu and from the list in the Open URL dialog box.

To remove stored information from the list in the Open dialog box, you must empty the My Recent Documents folder on the computer. For more information, see To remove stored information from the list in the Open dialog box.

Clear Caches Click this button to remove all stored media information about CDs and DVDs that you have played and devices that you have connected to your computer. After downloading media information about CDs and DVDs from the Internet, the information is stored on your computer so that it is available to you even when your computer is not connected to the Internet.

Stored media information includes information about your CDs and DVDs, devices that are connected to your computer, folders that you have selected the Player to monitor for changes to the contents, folders containing media on which you have performed a search through the computer's operating system, and files that you have deleted from your media library.

If you remove the media information for your CDs and DVDs, you will need to be connected to the Internet when you play them to view album art, track names, album names, and so on.

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  • The Player must send information about the CD and DVD to your default online store to display the correct album art and other media information.
  • For performance reasons, the Player stores information about the devices that connect to it in a cache. You can also use this option to clear the cache of device information.
  • You can clear the synchronization partnership information and the cached device-specific information by disconnecting the device from your computer, and then clicking the Clear Caches button.

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