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Player settings

Option Description
Keep the Player on top of other windows Specifies whether the Player remains in the foreground while other programs are in use.
Display anchor window when in skin mode Specifies whether the anchor window is displayed when the Player is in skin mode. The anchor window is a small window that appears in the lower-right corner of the screen when Windows Media Player is in skin mode.

Anchor window

Skins can have a variety of looks and available features so the anchor is an easy way to return to full mode.

Allow screen saver during playback Specifies whether a screen saver is displayed, according to options you set in Windows, when Windows Media Player is playing digital media files. Clear this check box if you are watching a movie, a long video, or a visualization, and you don't want the screen saver to be displayed.
Add music files to library when played Specifies whether any music files that you play on your computer or from the Internet are automatically added to your library.
Include files from removable media and network folders Specifies whether any items that you play on removable media, such as a CompactFlash card, data CD or data DVD, or on network-shared resources are automatically added to your library.

To play content from removable media in the Library feature, the removable media must be inserted in the drive or connected to your computer.

If this option is selected, only music files from data CDs and DVDs are added to your library when played. Tracks played from audio CDs are not added to your library when this option is selected.

Prompt me to back up my licenses Specifies whether Windows Media Player prompts you to back up your licenses approximately two weeks after you acquire a new one.
Connect to the Internet (overrides other commands) Specifies whether Windows Media Player is connected to the Internet even if other commands, such as the Work Offline command on the File menu, are turned on. Selecting this option ensures that Player features that require an Internet connection, such as Guide, can always connect when your computer is online.
Enable picture support for devices If your portable device can display pictures in .jpg format, select this option to allow the Player to synchronize pictures that you select in your library to your device.

Note Image Note

  • The Player automatically turns this option on and creates an All Pictures category in the Contents pane when you create a synchronization partnership with a device that supports picture viewing. You can then have the Player search for pictures on your computer and add them to your library. For more information, see Adding items to your library.

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