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Automatic synchronization option Description
Device name Personalize your device by entering a name for it in this box.
Create folder hierarchy on device Select if you want the Player to organize files into folders on your device during synchronization.

Note Image Note

  • Some devices cannot play files that are stored in a directory structure on the device. The Player will inspect your device when you connect it to your computer and clear this check box if it detects that your device cannot play synchronized files stored in folders.
  • If synchronization appears to function correctly, but you cannot see the synchronized content on your device, the Player may have failed to detect that your device cannot play files stored in folders. Try deleting all content from the device, clearing this check box, and then synchronizing the content to the device again.
Start sync when device connects This option applies to devices that are synchronizing automatically. Select if you want the Player to start synchronizing to your device when you connect your device to the computer or when you make a change to the synchronization settings for the device (for example, if you add a playlist to the list of playlists to synchronize).
Settings Click to open the Synchronization Settings dialog box. You can choose how items are synchronized to your device (automatically or manually). You can also choose the playlists that will be synchronized.

Currently supported devices option Description
Details Click to open a Web page that displays information about the types of portable devices to which you can synchronize files.

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