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To set up automatic synchronization

  1. Start Windows Media Player and then connect your device to your computer.

    If you have not set up synchronization between your computer and this device, the Device Setup Wizard starts.

  2. In the Device Setup Wizard, click Automatic.

    Automatic is already selected if your device's storage capacity is greater than 512 megabytes (MB). If your device has less capacity, Manual is selected. However you can still choose to set up automatic synchronization with a limited-storage device.

  3. (Optional) Click Customize the playlists that will be synchronized to change the priority order of the categories and playlists to be synchronized.

    For more information, see Prioritizing content for automatic synchronization.

  4. Click Finish.

Automatic synchronization begins. If synchronization does not start, click the Start Sync button Start Sync button in the Items to Sync pane. If you selected playlists for synchronization that cannot be played or viewed on your device, the Player skips these files during synchronization and displays an error in the Items to Sync pane (the left side of Sync).

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