Book: Dual Pages

Situation description: two pages are scanned simultaneously in one scanning session; too many errors during recognition because each page has a different tilt; this document is saved as one page with two columns.

Book: duall pages


For good recognition the image should have the so-called standard orientation: the text should be read top-down and the lines should be horizontal. During recognition FineReader detects the page orientation automatically by default. Images of dual pages have no standard orientation because each page has its own skew.

Solution: There is a special mode in FineReader where an image with dual pages is split into two different batch pages. This allows you to process each page separately. To correct the skew of each page during recognition automatically and to save the recognized text from each page into a separate file or on a separate page do the following:

  • Select the Split  dual pages item on the Scan/Open Image tab in the Options dialog before adding (scanning or opening) such images to the batch.

You can also split dual pages by using the Split image item in the Image menu. For more information, please see Working with business cards.