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Code editing and Visual Studio 2005 interoperability

Editing code can be a daunting task to someone who does design work. Microsoft® Expression Blend™ was designed with creative people in mind. You can create entire Windows®-based applications in the Design view of Expression Blend, as well as style resources that you can reuse in other Expression Blend projects. Additionally, you can import art assets that have been exported from Microsoft® Expression Design and use them in your Expression Blend projects.

Expression Blend was also designed with team development in mind. Often, software teams are made up of designers who work on the user interface (UI) and programmers who work on the code that runs behind the UI. For this reason, Expression Blend includes features for generating minimal code that can be handed off to developers, and features that allow you to hook into existing code such as event handlers or custom controls that can be used like existing controls.

What project tasks can you perform in Expression Blend?

What can you create in Expression Blend without using code?

What can you only do in code?

What can you only do in Visual Studio 2005?

Tip To create new XAML applications and XAML Browser applications (XBAPs) in Visual Studio 2005, you need to install the extensions for .NET Framework 3.0. These can be downloaded from MSDN. (You do not need the extensions to debug XAML applications that were created with Expression Blend.)

How does Expression Blend help you add code?

Tip You can have the same project file open in Expression Blend and in Visual Studio 2005 at the same time, on the same computer. When you save a change to a file in one system, you will get a notification when you switch to the other system, asking if you want to reload the file.
Tip If more than one person needs to work on the same project at the same time, we recommend that you use a source control system such as Microsoft® Visual SourceSafe®. A source control system maintains a central repository for project files that you can check out and edit locally on your computer. You can prevent other people from checking out files while you edit them, or you can configure some source control systems to merge changes that are made by more than one person to the same file. Visual SourceSafe is integrated with Visual Studio so that you can check out a file by opening it in Visual Studio. For more information, see the Visual SourceSafe section of MSDN.

Where can I get help writing code?

If you need help writing code for your Expression Blend application, you can use one of the resources listed at Windows Presentation Foundation resources. These include a link to the newsgroup discussion.