Changing Text Properties

When performing automatic document analysis, ABBYY FineReader detects different area types on document pages (such as tables, images, text and barcodes). The program also analyzes the document structure and identifies headings and other layout elements such as headers and footers, images and diagram captions, etc.

You can manually change incorrectly defined properties in some Text and Table areas.

  1. Select the area in the Image window or the Zoom window and adjust the properties in the Area Properties panel of the Image window.

    The Area Properties panel lets you set the following properties:
  2. Notes:

    1. Use / buttons to navigate left and right along the properties panel if the Image window is not wide enough to display the entire properties panel.
    2. Some of the text properties can be modified using the shortcut menu available by right-clicking on a Text area.
  3. Re-launch the OCR process after making the necessary changes.

For details, see Adjusting Area Shapes and Area Borders.