Quick Tasks for Converting a Document Into a Searchable Adobe PDF

Using the Adobe PDF tab in the New Task window, you can access ABBYY FineReader's Quick Tasks to convert images of any type (scanned documents, PDF and image files) into a searchable Adobe PDF document.

Important! You must have a PDF viewing application installed on your computer in order to run this group of tasks.

  1. From the Document Language drop-down menu in the top part of the window, select document languages.
  2. Select the Compress into black & white PDF document option in the bottom part of the screen to reduce the size of the PDF file by saving an image in black & white mode.
  3. Click the appropriate button for your task:

For details, see PDF format section.

  1. A new PDF document will open in the PDF document viewing application.


Important! When Quick Tasks are exected, data are by default converted in line with the program's current settings. If you have changed application settings, please re-run the task to retrieve the recognized text under new settings.

Tip. When saving your scanned document to PDF, you can set passwords to protect your PDF document from unauthorized opening, printing, or editing. For details, see PDF security settings.

For details, see ABBYY FineReader Quick Tasks.