Checking Text in ABBYY FineReader

Uncertainly recognized characters and words not found in dictionary are highlighted in different colors. By default, light blue is used for uncertain characters and pink for words not found in the dictionary. To change the colors used:

To check recognition results:

  1. Click the 3-Check Spelling button on the WizardBar toolbar (or select the Check Spelling item in the Tools menu).
  2. The Check Spelling dialog will open.

  3. There are three windows in the Check Spelling dialog. The top window is similar to the FineReader Zoom window and displays the original image of the word. The middle window displays the word itself, and the line above the name of the error type. The Suggestions window at the bottom provides you with replacement suggestions (if any exist). Note that suggestions are based on the dictionary selected in the Dictionary language drop-down list; any language may be chosen from this list.
    Note: You can enlarge the Check Spelling dialog to make it easier to check and edit text. Simply click the dialog border; the mouse pointer will become a double-headed arrow. Drag the border to make the dialog larger or smaller

  4. If words have been misspelt, you can do one of the following:

Moving between uncertain words

To check the recognition results quickly, you can use the button and button to move to the next or previous uncertain word respectively.

You can also use the F4 (SHIFT F4) hotkey to navigate between uncertain words.