What’s New in ABBYY FineReader 8.0

Compared to the previous version, ABBYY FineReader8.0 introduces a variety of improvements and new features to increase your productivity when working with scanned documents, images, PDF files, and faxes.

This version features intelligent technology improvements, allowing for improved reading of documents taken by digital cameras, more accurate recognition of low-resolution faxes and paper documents, better handling of document layouts, and enhanced security features in PDF files. New features like scheduled operation, recognition of screenshots and automation manager for processing recurring document tasks have been added to increase your productivity even more.

Detailed information on major product improvements and new features is given below. Features available only in ABBYY FineReader8.0 Corporate Edition are marked accordingly.

Up to 30 percent accuracy improvement on low resolution documents and faxes[1]
FineReader has traditionally delivered highly accurate recognition results on documents of good quality, there is still a possibility of documents of lower-than-expected quality arriving at your desk. Most often these are faxes or paper documents that were scanned at resolution lower than recommended for OCR. ABBYY FineReader 8.0 handles such documents better, delivering up to a 30 percent improvement in recognition accuracy.


Processing images taken by digital cameras
When you are on the go and no scanner is available, you may still capture documents with a digital camera and recognize them later on your desktop PC. Now ABBYY
FineReader 8.0 includes new adaptive recognition technology for better OCR of camera images.

More details on:
Using a Digital Camera to Photograph Texts


Security options for PDF files
The new version of ABBYY
FineReader supports PDF security settings and allows you to set document Open and Permissions passwords as well as selecting other security options for PDF files. You can select RC4-based 40-bit or 128-bit encryption or the newest AES(Advanced Encryption Standard)-based 128-bit encryption.

More details on:
PDF Security Settings


Creating tagged PDF files
A new option for saving tagged PDF files in ABBYY
FineReader8.0 makes it possible to create PDF files that will be easier to read when used on devices with limited screen sizes, for example handheld devices.

More details on:
Saving the Recognized Text in PDF Format


Automation Manager
This new feature allows faster processing of repeated document tasks by grouping them into sets of consecutive operations that can then be called by one click of a button. Several predefined automated tasks are available and it is also possible to create your own customized automated tasks and share them with colleagues.

More details on:
Automated Tasks


Support for hyperlinks
The new version recognizes hyperlinks, such as links to Web sites and e-mail addresses, and reconstructs them in output documents. You can also add new hyperlinks into recognized documents.

More details on:
Creating and Editing Hyperlinks


Fast mode recognition
FineReader 8.0 you can recognize documents 2-2 1/2 times faster using a new fast recognition mode. This mode is recommended for documents with simple layouts and good printing and scanning quality. For more complex documents, the accuracy mode should be preferred. However, recognition accuracy obtained in fast mode will be sufficient in many cases, for example when converting paper documents into searchable PDF files.

More details on:
Recognition Options


Saving to Microsoft Reader e-book (LIT) format
Now you can save recognition results in Microsoft Reader’s LIT e-book format that makes such documents suitable for reading on handheld devices and

More details on:
Saving recognized text in LIT format


Defining document-related properties
ABBYY FineReader 8.0 allows for defining additional document properties like Title, Author, Subject and Keywords, and saving this data to PDF, DOC/RTF, XLS, HTML, Word XML and LIT file formats. These properties can be used by the operating system and other software for indexing and search purposes.

More details on:
Adding Document Properties


Extended language and dictionary support
The total number of supported languages is now 179. Dictionary support and spell-check functions are available for 36 languages.

Legal and medical dictionaries for English and German languages are now included in the main English and German recognition dictionaries - there’s no need to select specialized recognition languages to work with specialized text.

More details on:
Languages Supported by ABBYY FineReader


Opening multi-page PDF and TIFF files
If you do not need the entire document converted, you can open only selected pages of your multi-page PDF or TIFF files in ABBYY FineReader8.0.

ABBYY Screenshot Reader
(available in ABBYY
FineReader 8.0 Professional Edition after registration, in ABBYY FineReader 8.0 Corporate Edition available by default)
This simple and easy-to-use utility allows you to grab a part of the screen and recognize the text in the captured image. The utility also allows you to save captured screen areas to a file or to the clipboard.

More details on:
ABBYY Screenshot Reader


ABBYY Hot Folder & Scheduling
(available only in ABBYY
FineReader 8.0 Corporate Edition)
The previously available feature for automatically scanning folders for incoming images and processing these images has been extended in the new version of ABBYY
FineReader. Scheduled processing capabilities have been added to allow you to utilize your computer for document conversion purposes when it is not occupied by your normal activities, for example at night time.

More details on:
ABBYY Hot Folder & Scheduling

Improvement over version 7.0, according to ABBYY's internal tests.