Automatic Page Layout Analysis Options

As a part of automatic page layout analysis the following types of blocks are drawn: text, table, picture, and barcode.

To start automatic layout analysis (and text recognition), click the 2-Read button. Before clicking this button, however, select the table analysis options.

Table analysis options

Usually, the application divides tables into rows and columns automatically. If additional tuning of table options is needed, open the Legacy Options dialog and in the Read group select the desired item. (To open the Legacy Options dialog, click the Legacy Options... button on the General tab in the Options dialog). Change these options if:

  1. Use the One line of text per cell in table option if your table has no (or minimal) black separators and each cell has only a single line of text. For example:

    Kilometers Miles
    1 0.62
    5 3.2

    - this table has only one line of text per cell

    Physical phenomenon t, degrees centigrade
    Water boiling
    Water freezing

    - this table has more than one line of text per cell

  2. Use the No merged cells in table option if your table has no merged cells in it. For example:

  3. Temperature
    Degrees centigrade  Degrees Kelvin
    -273 0
    100 373

    - the Temperature cell is a merged cell

Note: Do not select One line of text per cell in table and/or No merged cells in table if the text contains tables with differing structures. Selecting these options may result in errors during layout analysis and may adversely affect recognition quality.

Drawing and editing blocks manually
Saving a block image to a file