Running an Automated Task

To run an automated task:

The selected task will be launched and executed. ABBYY FineReader will use the options you selected in the Options dialog (select Tools>Options to open the dialog).

Note: If an automated task is programmed to add images to a batch which already contains some other images, ABBYY FineReader will process only the newly added images. If an automated task is programmed to process an existing batch, ABBYY FineReader will process all the images in this batch.

While the automated task is running, a progress dialog is displayed which lists all the steps in the task and provides tips and warnings for each step (if any).

Note: If you want an automated task to use options which you do not normally use when recognizing documents, you can create a set of custom batch settings and load these settings before running the automated task.
To create a set of custom batch settings, make the necessary settings in the Options dialog and on the General tab of this dialog, click Save Options... Next time before you run an automated task you can load the saved option set by click the Load Options... button.