Working with different types of documents
This chapter provides practical guidance to help improve the recognition results when using ABBYY FineReader. It provides tips on how to prevent common scanning and recognition problems or mistakes, such as scanning errors, incorrect scanning/recornition parameters, etc. The tutorial also provides tips on how to scan and recognize certain types of complicated documents such as tables, magazine articles, etc. A “troubleshooting” guide that helps identify possible reasons for errors or low accuracy and demonstrates how to avoid them. In addition, the tutorial provides basic instruction on how and when to use some of FineReader’s more advanced tools to improve recognition accuracy.

For basic options of FineReader, we suggest that you consult the User’s Guide and Online Help first.

Document types:

  1. Simple letter (small font size and/or incorrect brightness)
  2. Single column document
  3. Multilingual document
  4. Book: dual pages
  5. Faxes and other documents of poor quality
  6. Complex magazine page
  7. Newspaper page
  8. PDF document
  9. Working with tables
  10. Working with business cards
  11. Working with PowerPoint handouts
  12. Code printouts (a document formatted with spaces)
  13. Document with decorative font (training new characters)
  14. Document with product codes (new recognition language; importing user's dictionaries)
 Where I can find the images mentioned in the Tutorial?