Create Multi-Volume Set

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IZArc has a very useful tool for splitting ZIP files into multi-volumes. It works great when you want to send a zip file in several smaller pieces via email or removable disks (floppy, CD-R, etc.)


Explanation of the options:


· Single archive to span - select archive that you want to split into multi-volume archive.


· Spanned archive name - select name and destination of multi-volume archive that will be created.


· Volume Size - specify the size to be used for the individual parts. You can choose from common sizes using the drop-down list or you can specify your own size. To specify your own size, choose "Custom" in the drop-down list and type the desired size in the Other size field.  You can specify the size in bytes, kilobytes (KB), or megabytes (MB); indicate which you're using by clicking the appropriate radio button.


· Format target disk before spanning - if checked, removable drive will be formatted before IZArc writes volume to it.




· Each of the segments of the split Zip file will have a different extension. IZArc creates files with names like Archive.z01, Archive.z02, and so on, except for the very last segment of the new Zip file. The last segment will always have the .zip extension (e.g.,


· To open the split Zip file, open the file with the .zip extension.  Don't try to open any of the files with the numbered extensions; IZArc won't recognize them as Zip files.


· Once the split Zip file has been opened, you can work with it much as you would work with a regular Zip file, except you can't add any new files or remove existing files.  Some operations such as creating self-extracting Zip files and editing comments are also disabled for split Zip files.


· The sizes listed as "1.2MB," "1.44MB," and "2.88MB" are approximate.  The segments of the split Zip file are sized appropriately to fit on media of the specified size.


· The split Zip file format is an extension of the Zip 2.0 specification.  Therefore, some Zip utility programs may not be able to open split Zip files.