Merge Multi-Volume Set

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IZArc has Merge Multi-Volume Set tool that will let you merge spanned zip archive into one zip archive.


Explanation of the options:


· Spanned archive - select a multi-volume archive that you want to convert into single zip archive.


· Converted archive name - select the location and the name of the single archive.




If you want to convert an archive spanned on diskettes, do the following:


1. Copy each part of the spanned Zip file, in order, from diskettes to a single folder.  You must know the correct order of the diskettes in order to do this.


2.        As you copy each part, change the .zip extension to .Zn, where n is a sequence number beginning with 01 for the first part.  That is, the first part of the spanned Zip file becomes January.Z01; the second part becomes January.Z02, etc.  If there are more than 99 parts, just continue the numbering with .Z100 and so on.  Don't change the extension of the last part--it remains .zip.