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File Menu

Working with whole archives

New Archive

Create a new archive

Open Archive

Open an existing archive

Favorite Folders

Open the Favorite Folders dialog

Close Archive

Close the open archive


Display the open archive's properties

Move Archive

Move the open archive to a different drive or folder

Copy Archive

Copy the open archive to a different drive or folder

Rename Archive

Change the file name of the open archive

Delete Archive

Delete the open archive

Print File List

Print a listing of the open archive's contents to printer or to text file


Filter archive's contents

Mail Archive

E-mail the open archive


Close IZArc

View Menu

Control the appearance of the main IZArc window


Shows/Hides toolbar

Archive Folder Bar

Shows tree with folders in archive (only available if using Explorer display style)

Status Bar

Shows/Hides status bar

Classic Display Style

Displays all files from archive in one listing.

Explorer Display Style

Browse through an archive like folders in Windows Explorer

View Style

Select view style of the archive contents

Actions Menu

Performing tasks with the open archive


Add files to the open archive


Delete files from the open archive


Extract files from the open archive


View files in the open archive

Select All

Select all files in the open archive

Invert Selection

Reverse selected and unselected file status in the open archive

Virus Scan

Run a virus scan program against archive contents

Make SFX File

Create a self-extracting archive


Test integrity of the open archive


View, add, edit, or delete comments


Examine and/or run programs in the open archive


Install the software contained in the open archive

Tools Menu

Working with other archiving tools

Convert Archive

Convert the archive to another archive file type


UUe, XXe or MIME (Base64) encode the open archive


Encrypt files using powerful encryption


Decrypt (.ize) files

Repair Archive

Repair broken archive

Create Multi-Volume Set

Split an Archive file into multiple parts of a specified size

Merge Multi-Volume Set

Merge a spanned archive to one single file

Search in Archives

Searching for files in many archives


Convert self-extracting (SFX) .EXE files

Options Menu

Configuring IZArc


Change IZArc settings

Reuse IZArc Windows

Determine whether a new window is opened when you start IZArc by double clicking in My Computer, Windows Explorer, or the desktop

Minimize to Tray

Minimizes IZArc to the system tray which is located next to your clock


Import/Export current IZArc settings to file

Clear History

Clear last opened archives


Select a preferred language

Help Menu

Getting help and information

Contents and Index

Display the IZArc help file contents and index

Visit IZArc Home Page

Visit the IZArc home page

Check for Update

Check for new version of IZArc

About IZArc

Display copyright notice and version information