Adding User Dictionaries to the Bookshelf

ABBYY Lingvo allows you to place user dictionaries (created by yourself or obtained from other sources, e.g. from on to the Bookshelf.

To add an editable user dictionary or a DSL dictionary onto the Bookshelf:

If you wish the added DSL dictionaries to be used for full-text searches, you must build an index for them.

User dictionaries are indexed:


User dictionaries created in earlier versions of ABBYY Lingvo  

To use dictionaries created in earlier versions of ABBYY Lingvo, you must first convert them into the new format. The conversion will start automatically when you place an old-format dictionary onto the Bookshelf.

Important! User dictionaries created in ABBYY Lingvo 10 cannot be used in ABBYY Lingvo 9.0 or earlier.

If you wish to use a DSL dictionary created in ABBYY Lingvo 7.0 or earlier whose target language is not English or Russian, do the following:

1. Open the text file of the DSL dictionary;

2. At the beginning of the text file, specify the actual source and target languages;

3. Re-compile the DSL dictionary;

4. Place the re-compiler dictionary on the ABBYY Lingvo Bookshelf.