Card Toolbar

The card toolbar contains buttons that allow you to change the appearance of cards and to switch between dictionaries.


  Show me the card toolbar 



Make Card Permanent (Ctrl+T)

Click this button to make a card permanent/temporary. A permanent card remains open until the user closes it. A temporary card is closed automatically when the user opens other cards or clicks the Close temporary cards button.

Show Word Forms

Displays all the grammatical forms of the headword.

Note: This feature is available only for one-word headwords.

Show Brief/Full Translation (Ctrl+Num*)


Shows/hides comments and examples.

Sync Contents (Ctrl+S)

Copies the headword to the search field and selects it in the word list.

The translation direction may change depending on the language of the headword.

Find in Card (F3)

Allows you to find a text fragment in the open card.

Copy to Lingvo Tutor

Creates a card for Lingvo Tutor on the basis of the current Lingvo card. Clicking this button will automatically copy the headword, transcription, the first translations, and the first example into the corresponding fields of a Lingvo Tutor card.


Previous Dictionary (Alt+Up Arrow)

Opens the card with the same headword from the previous dictionary.


Next Dictionary (Alt+Down Arrow).


Opens the card with the same headword from the next dictionary.

Dictionary (Tab)

Lists all the enabled dictionaries which contain cards with the same headword.