Options: General

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Interface language

Sets the interface language.


Display example sentences and related words Select this option to display maximum information about the headword -- example sentences, related words, etc.


Display selected term in search field when browsing Displays the selected word or phrase in the search field when browsing the dictionary. 
Synchronize source language with keyboard language Switches the keyboard language to match the source language and vice versa.


Close all temporary cards when switching to another application


Select this option to close all temporary cards and Search, Translations, History, and Suggestions windows when switching to another application.
Display Lingvo icon on taskbar Shows/hides the Lingvo icon on the taskbar.


Hide Lingvo when minimized This option is only available if you selected Display Lingvo icon on taskbar. Select this option if you do not wish the Lingvo button to be displayed on the taskbar when you minimize the application. 


Multilingual Edition only

When translating words in other applications, use:
Current pair of languages


Uses only the current pair of languages to translate words and phrases from another application. This option is selected by default.
All languages of all enabled dictionaries Uses the languages of all the enabled dictionaries to detect the language of the word or phrase to be translated from another application.