Lingvo Main Window

Main window buttons:

 Translate (ENTER)

Translates the word or phrase from the Edit Line.

Lingvo will first determine the prime form of the word, single out word combinations, or offer spelling variants in the Suggestions window.

When you type in a word in the Edit Line, Lingvo will automatically jump to the nearest match in the Word List. Once you have seen you word selected in the Word List, click or press Enter.

Note: If the word you have typed in is not in its prime form but it is still present in the Word List, Lingvo will open the corresponding card and also the cards with translations of the word's possible prime forms.

Create/Edit Card (CTRL+NUM +)

Click this button to create a new card in a user dictionary or edit an existing card.

Find Text from Edit Line (CTRL+F)

Click this button to perform a full-text search for the word you typed in the Edit Line. Lingvo will search in the dictionaries of the current pair of languages set on the Language bar.

Show Word Forms (CTRL+W)

Click this button to see the list of word forms (i.e. the paradigm) of the word you typed in the Edit Line. Lingvo will use the morphology of the source language selected on the Language bar.

Close Temporary Cards (SHIFT+ESC)

Click this button to close all temporary cards.

Always on Top (CTRL+T)

Click this button () if you want all Lingvo windows to remain on top even when you switch to other applications.

For details see:

Bookshelf. Working with dictionaries