"Create/Edit Card" dialog

Use this dialog to create new or edit already existing cards from user dictionaries.

Option name

Option value

Type the dictionary name  In this window you can type the name of the dictionary containing you card or select required dictionary from the drop-down list .
Create...  Opens the New dictionary dialog where you can create a new user dictionary. The new dictionary will be added to the list of user dictionaries and will be opened by default in the Main Window. When creating a new dictionary, be sure to specify its source language and target language.

To detach a user dictionary or to remove it from the disk:

  • Select the dictionary in the list and click the Remove... button
Remove... Click this button to detach or remove user dictionaries.
Type card name Click this button to enter a card heading.
Edit... Click this button to switch to the card editing window. This window is empty if you are creating a new card.
Close Click this button to close the Create/Edit Card... dialog.

In order to attach or detach user dictionaries: