About the Essential Budget

The Essential Budget makes it easy to handle day-to-day budgeting tasks without spending extra time on details. Essential Budgets are quick to set up and easy to change.

With the Essential Budget, you can:

Create a simple budget for regular expenses. Set the amount you want to budget for your regular expenses, like groceries and healthcare.

Compare your monthly income to monthly expenses. See a quick summary of how much you're making compared to how much you expect to spend each month.

Use the Spending Tracker to watch a few budget areas more closely.The Spending Tracker shows you how much you've spent in each category that you choose, and when you're getting close to your spending limit.

Compare actual monthly spending to your budget. To help you stick to your budget, Money automatically tracks your spending and compares it to your plan.


Note: The steps in this task depend on whether you're using the Essential Budget, the Advanced Budget, or the Savings and Spending Budget. To find out which budget you're using, look for the Essential Budget, Advanced Budget, or Savings and Spending Budget label in the upper-right corner of the Budget summary page.