About the Money Contact Manager

The Money Contact Manager, an application based on the Windows Address Book, is Money's electronic address book. You can add or remove new contacts in the Money Contact Manager, edit details, and print. You can see customer details, including the most recent invoices due, in the Money Contact Manager without opening Money.

When you want to add any changes you made in Money (such as a new telephone number) to Money Contact Manager or vice versa, you can synchronize the two lists from within Money. You cannot synchronize from within Money Contact Manager. If you're already using the Windows Address Book (as a part of Outlook Express, for example), synchronizing adds the existing Address Book entries to Money's list of payees. It also adds all Money payees categorized as customers or vendors to your Money Contact Manager. If you choose not to synchronize, you can still use Money Contact Manager; however, it will not have the same data as your Money file.