Synchronisation with mail server

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In The Bat! you can set the synchronisation mode for each folder in your IMAP account.


There are two ways to set up the synchronisation mode of folders:


1. Open the Manage IMAP Folders dialog
2. Fine-tune the options




1. Click the right mouse button on an IMAP folder
2. Choose Synchronisation


You have the following options:


Synchronise this folder now

make an immediate a connection to the server (if not yet connected) and synchronise the chosen folder using one of the synchronisation options listed below.

Don't Synchronise

this option sets up the selected folder not to synchronize it at all.

Headers Only

downloads only the headers of all messages stored at the server and synchronises them with the local copies.

Headers and Text

downloads all message from the server with headers and text, but without any attachments.

Full messages

downloads all parts of the messages stored on the server, including all attachments.

New headers only

checks and synchronises the headers of only new messages.

New headers and text

synchronises the headers and bodies of new messages, but without any attachments.

New messages

synchronises all new messages at the server including all their parts.