Manage IMAP folders

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The Manage IMAP Folders option is a facility designed to help you to set up your folders in an IMAP account. Here you can create/delete folders and sub-folders on the IMAP server as well as choose the synchronization mode for every folder in your account.


To open the Manage IMAP Folders dialog, click with the right mouse button on any folder in your IMAP account and choose the Manage IMAP Folders option. You can also start it from the Account/IMAP commands/Manage IMAP Folders sub-menu or by just using the keyboard shortcut <Alt+F7>


In the main windows of the dialog there are two tabs - All Mailboxes and Subscribed only. Under All Mailboxes there is a full list of all mailboxes stored in your IMAP server and the entire folder tree of each of them. In Subscribed only you will see a list of only those that you are subscribed to. Only these subscribed folders are available in the Folder Tree of the main window and all other places in your e-mail client account.


Both All Mailboxes and Subscribed only tabs contain a table with the following columns:



contains the name of a mailbox/folder and shows its position in the tree hierarchy.


check this if you want to see the selected folder in your folder structure and receive its content.


check this if you want to synchronise this folder regularly. If unchecked, no synchronization is ever done.

Mode if synchronised

shows you the synchronisation mode which you may change using the synchronisation mode button at the top.


At the top of the dialog there are convenient buttons: New, Delete, Synchronization mode, Reset list and Close. The 'New' button creates a new folder on server and likewise 'Delete' removes it. By using the Synchronization mode list you can change the way each folder will synchronise the local storage of messages with the server's store.


The Reset list option refreshes the tree structure in the dialog windows and retrieves settings as stored on the mail server.


A click on the Close option applies all changes made in the dialog, closes it and returns you to the main window of The Bat!