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The Bat! helps you to protect your privacy by employing OpenPGP to electronically sign or encrypt your e-mail. The Bat! offers built-in PGP conforming to RFC-1991. You can also use more sophisticated versions from classical PGP 2.6.3 through PGP 5.x up to current PGP 8 and 9; GPG is also supported.


Installing PGP support


1. Download your preferred OpenPGP packet
2. Install and set it up
3. Make sure the directory your OpenPGP executables (DLLs for PGP 5.5.3 and higher) is defined in your PATH variable


Note: Usually the OpenPGP installers take care of this; refer to the documentation of your application.


4. Open The Bat!
5. Go to Tools->OpenPGP->Choose OpenPGP version

Choose your preferred OpenPGP version:

· Internal - the most basic implementation provided by The Bat!
· PGP command line - uses the classical 2.6.3 or the command line program some higher versions supply
· PGP 5.5.x plug-in - The Bat! needs the ülug-in of PGP 5.5.x if you want to access all settings
· PGP 6.0.x/6.5.x plug-in - The Bat! needs the ülug-in of PGP 6.x.x if you want to access all settings
· GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) - if you have installed the free GPG application
· PGP 5, 6, 7, 8 (built-in support) - The Bat! provides its own direct access to OpenPGP settings


Note: The plug-in options are highly recommended if you want to access all settings your OpenPGP application offers.


Beware: We strongly advise that you make yourself familiar with the OpenPGP concept before using it. Otherwise you may make mistakes which endanger your privacy, security and even access to messages!





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