Reading Your Mail

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The Bat! offers you three ways to read your e-mail:


· in the preview pane
· in the plain text viewer
· in the HTML viewer


The preview pane is part of The Bat!'s main window. Beside a preview of your messages the main window has the advantage of showing you the complete Account tree view and the message list of your highlighted message folder. The preview pane uses your preferred settings for message viewing.


When you double-click a message or hit <Return> while a message is selected in the message list, The Bat!'s Message Viewer . According to your settings in the Preferences you see the RTF/HTML-viewer or the Plain Text Viewer.


Note: The "Message Viewer" window is actually a Folder View window and (by default) hides a list of messages stored in the folder that contain the message you are viewing. To use the window as a folder view, use the menu option View -> Message list. Conversely, to use a folder view window as a Message view, turn the Message list off.


Directly add an e-mail address to the Address Book


1. Right-click on an e-mail address
2. Choose Add to Address Book


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