The Message list

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The message list shows you all messages in a selected folder. You use it to navigate through your messages.



Right-click on the column headers and select your View Mode.


Sort messages


1. Go to View->Sort by
2. Select your preference


You can also click on the column header to re-sort the message list.


Filter displayed messages


1. Go to View->Display
2. Choose a preset or Advanced filtering


Show threads


1. Go to View->View threads by
2. Select how you want your messages threaded

Mark messages read


With mouse:

1. Select a message
2. Right-click
3. Choose Mark as Read


Keyboard shortcut:

1. Select a message
2. Hit <Ctrl>+<m>



1. Select an account
2. Go to Account->Properties->Options
3. Choose Mark message as read when it is being read for [ ] sec or Mark message message as read only when it is open in a separate window


Navigate through your messages

Use the following keyboard shortcuts:


<Alt+Arrow>, <Alt+PgUp>, <Alt+PgDn>

scroll the message text

<Alt+Left>, <Alt+Right>

navigate back and forth through your messages

<Del>, <Ctrl>+<Del>

delete selected messages or entire threads


opens the folder's message view


goes to next unread message

<up arrow>, <down arrow>

go to the next message up or down




Type any key to begin a Quick Search. It will bring you in real-time to the first message conforming to the search string you enter.


Flag/Park message

You can flag and park messages easily. The former helps you to see, for example, important messages. Parking prevents automatic deletion of a message; when you manually move or delete a message The Bat! warns you.


1. Make sure the columns are shown in your message list (Flagged or Parked)
2. Click the small button for a message under the appropriate column.


To park a message you can also right-click on it, then go to Specials->Park.

Note: Un-flag and un-park work accordingly.


Remind later

1. With a message selected
2. Go to Specials->Remind later
3. Choose a preset or Advanced



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