Viewing and Opening Received File Attachments

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The Bat! offers you various ways to see and handle files attached to e-mails you receive. Just right-click and use the context menu to customise they way attachements are shown and handled.

You can see the attachement:


· in a pane (default)
· as a button



Choosing a view


1. Right-click on the attachment pane        
2. Go to View
3. Select
· Large icons
· Small icons
· Pane on the Left
· Pane on the Bottom
· Pane on the Right
· Pane on the Top
· Hide (to button)



Handling files from a pane


You can simply drag 'n' drop an attachment from the pane to any location on your computer.

Or use the context menu:


1. Right-click on the attachment
2. Select
· Open
· Save
· Print
· Delete
· Save all ...
· Save all to ...


Double-clicking a file will open or execute it.

Note: The Bat! will warn you of possible danger, asking you if you like to save instead of open the file.



Handling files from a button


If you have chosen Hide (to button) The Bat! shows an attachment button within the grey Header pane (between message list and message body).

To work with the file(s):


1. Click the button
2. Select
· a file directly (performs the default action defined below on the file chosen)
· Open (choose file)
· Print (choose file)
· Delete (choose file)
· Default action (define as Save, Open, Print)
· Hide (to pane)


The three menu items between the file names and Delete depend upon your default action.



Virus protection


The Bat! will never open or execute an attachment on its own! It even warns you if you choose to open or execute it. There are some file types you may be prevented from opening altogether. You can define the file types to which The Bat! is especially sensitive to. In the main window:


1. Go to Options->Preferences->Protection
2. Delete or add file types