Writing Mail

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The Bat! offers you many advanced features for create messages conforming to Internet standards. In addition you can use templates, macros and filters to automatically create parts or complete messages.


You have a choice between two message editors:




MicroEd creates simple plain text messages, which can be opened and read by every e-mail program. Only fixed-pitch fonts (like Courier) are allowed.

It uses the free caret approach allowing you to place the cursor wherever you want and start typing. This is especially useful to create tables, hanging paragraphs and formatted text.



HTML/Windows Editor


You can create either HTML only messages or HTML/Plain text. The latter is preferred since this way your message is readable in all cases.

This editor offers you an additional toolbar and a Format menu to easily include HTML tags.


Change the style, colour, or font


1. Select text
2. Go to Format
3. Choose your settings


Note: Try to stick with fonts available on most systems, like Helvetica, Arial, Times or Courier. This ensures your message will look the same at the receiver's end as it looks to you.


Insert an image:


1. Click where you want your image to appear
2. Hit the Insert image button on the toolbar
3. Choose an image file



Choose message editor


Define your preferred editor - MicroEd or HTML - in the program's preferences.

You can also change your editor on the fly while composing a message:


1. Go to Options->Message Format
2. Choose your preferred format