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The Bat!'s open structure has resulted in a great many Web sites and Internet ressources by users and developers to get the best out of The Bat! for every user.

You always get the newest release, information and support at RITlabs.


The BETA program


RITLabs established an open policy towards development of The Bat! long ago. Although the application is not Open Source, the developers are intently listening to feature requests and bug reports. If you are interested you want to register with the Bugtracker. You also want to be a member of TBBETA to discuss bugs, get first-hand information from the developers and have access to BETA releases. To download beta releases please register with RITLabs.


Mailing lists


Beside the international beta program mailing list, TBBETA, you find many other The Bat! user's discussions, most using mailing lists. To find out more about them, go to Marck Pearlstone's TB FAQ. You can easily subscribe to some of the lists here. Some of the lists are archived with services providing a Web interface:


TBBETA on Gmane - discussions about BETA releases of The Bat!

TBUDL on Gmane - general discussions on The Bat!

TBOT - Yahoo! Group where The Bat! users discuss anything but The Bat!

TBTECH - discussion group for technical details of Regular Expressions and other advanced usage of The Bat!

TBDEV - anyone who wants to develop a plug-in for The Bat! finds information and discussions on this list




Several plug-ins to protect you from viruses and spam have been developed for The Bat!. While the program ships with BayesIT!, which is developed in close contact with RITLabs, another very popular one is maintained by Achim Winkler, BayesFilter. You can also find plugins that supply enhancement to the template macro sub-system.




The Bat! offers the possibility to show emoticons as smileys (or other small images) and photos of your conversants. For details see Roguemoticons and PCWSmileys. To obtain the necessary picture libraries you have to download PCWSmileys and Roguemoticons.






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