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You can forward messages in two ways: Within the message body or as an attachment in MIME format. You can pre-set this in Account->Properties->Templates->Forward

When forwarding messages using MIME, it is possible to send several messages "enveloped" within a single message (a MIME digest).

Beware: Not all e-mail clients handle MIME digests correctly.


In the case of a message forwarded by placing the original text in the message text, you could define the template as follows:


This is a forwarded message

From:    %OFROMNAME <%OFROMADDR>        (Original sender's full name <original sender's address>)

To:        %OTOADDR                                (Original recipient's address)

Subject: %OSUBJ                                        (Original message subject)


-8<------------- Original message text -----------------

%TEXT                                                (Original message text)

-8<--------- End of Original message text -------------- 


Hello %TOFNAME,                                        (Recipient's first name)


%CURSOR                                                (Editor cursor position)


Best regards,   

%FROMFNAME                                        (Sender's first name)


In the case of MIME-forwarding, the template could be:


Hello %TONAME,                                        (Recipient's full name)


%CURSOR                                        (Editor cursor position)


All the best,

%FROMNAME                                        (Sender's full name)



Note: See Macros for more information.


Within The Bat! you define templates for new messages, replies and forwaded messages in three places: Account Properties, Folder Properties and Address Book entries. There is a hierarchy, The Bat! will invoke any Address Book entry level template first, if none is defined, the folder template is used. If there is no folder level template, The Bat! uses the Account level template.



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