Keyboard Shortcuts

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The Shortcut Editor is available in most of The Bat!'s non-modal windows (such as main window, separate message browser, address book, message editor) - you can invoke it by using the View|Edit Shortcuts menu command of any of such window.


The purpose of the Shortcut Editor is to assign shortcuts (hot keys) to those menu functions you use often and re-define default shortcuts to suit your style of keyboard use. For example, you may want to assign a shortcut for quick accessing the Folder Maintenance Centre or for a specific Quick Template in the message editor or for assigning messages to a particular Colour Group - just open the Shortcut Editor of the window you wish to define the shortcut for, find the corresponding command in the menu tree and use the desired key combinations.



Please note the rules of using shortcuts:


† You cannot assign a single-letter shortcut for the main menu of the main window - otherwise, you won't be able to type the letter in the message editor and other non-modal windows.
† You cannot assign the same shortcut to different commands in the same menu
† Local pop-up menu shortcuts are functional only within the control where the menu belongs to
† Local menu shortcuts have higher priority than the main menu shortcuts
† Shortcuts defined for the main menu of the main window can be used in any non-modal window of The Bat! if they are not overriden by Window's own shortcuts
† Shortcuts are defined in context, meaning that you will only be able to assign shortcuts for use in the editor while using the editor.