Protecting your account's mail with a password

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The Bat! offers you many security and privacy features. You can password-protect your account - particularly useful in a multi-user environment; with The Bat! Professional you can even encrypt your message base. The Professional version of The Bat! can use hardware security tokens, too. When first installing The Bat! Professional you are asked if you want to use encryption and full security with the program.

Beware: An encrypted message base is not readable if you lose your password or token!


To ensure the privacy of your e-mails, private or business, The Bat! offers you signing and encryption via S/MIME or OpenPGP, both as internal implementation or with a third-party tool.


Further safety measures include:


· no automated opening of attachments
· executable attachments cannot be opened from within The Bat!
· no automated following of links in HTML messages (i.e. fetching images from the Net)
· a plug-in API makes it possible to add anti-virus and anti-spam tools




The Bat! will never open any attachment on its own. Furthermore, it warns you whenever you try to open an attachment and asks you if you rather want to save it. You can circumvent the warning by  pressing

<Shift> while double-clicking an attachment. Executable attachments are never opened from within The Bat!.


You can define file types to be opened without warning (you still have to double-click them on purpose):


1. Go to Options->Preferences->Protection
2. Enter a file format into the second field

use the form [wildcard].[extension], i.e. *.JPG

3. Click OK

Note: In the same dialogue you define which file types The Bat! shall not open, and which the program shall warn you about.